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The Southern Region in the Community:


Aviation in the Nation

Aviation in the Nation is a program developed and operated by father and son team, Venson and Sharrieff Muhammad. Together, they provide classroom computer-based training in the details of plane instrumentation, which ultimately leads to students physically flying aircraft, and hopefully, becoming licensed pilots.

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The Bluff

The Bluff is infamously known as one of the highest heroin laden areas in the state of Georgia. The 10K Fearless purposely chose this area to provide needs for the members of the community. By providing counseling, conflict resolution and a security presence, the 10K Fearless are striving to make “The Bluff” a safe and decent place to live.

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Blackstone Academy

Blackstone Academy is an independent Black-owned school, founded by Brother Kenneth and Sister Anita Muhammad, members of Muhammad Mosque #15 B. Since its inception, Blackstone Academy has been able to guide their students to receiving over $1.8M in scholarships.



Good Stewards of Arc

Good Stewards of Arc is a company formed by Brother Venson Muhammad, a former United States veteran, to help veterans secure their benefits and to connect them with programs available to them and their families through the United States Veterans Administration Office (VA).

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A Day In The Life of The Southern Region